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Never to be found
I woke up this morning
with a stranger in my bed
i tried to understand
but my brain was frankly dead
My mind was up in flames my
soul was in the trash
my mouth wanted to talk
but the words just turned to ash

And ill try to
find my way in this world alone
ill find my way without a home
ill lose myself in this world of yours
never to be found

Ive lost my curiosity
for my life i will run
i thought that we were joking
some good old fashioned fun

~solo i think

Lets run around just a little more
our innocence, should be left alone
lets play, like we did before
our innocence died long ago

i woke up this morning
i looked in the mirror
and what did i see?
im sure it wasnt me
my mind was having fun but
my brain was surely done

*song we just made up, theres no title and some music. suggestions and changes would be helpful
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