#1June 9th, 2007 · 10:31 PM
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My Wisdom
Is love the fire
that burns inside
Or is it the fear
that we all will die
It takes some sanity
to admit ur insane
Without true love
you won't know true pain
From the day we were born
We get closer to the end

From every book i have read
From every song i have written
From every time my heart has broken
From every time i ask if i should live
From every time i askd if i should die
I have learned one lesson...
to every truth there is a lie.

From every death, there is a birth,
to all love there will be hate
for every friend, you have an enemy
at the end of every bright day,
there is a cold and chilling night
for every wrong you ever did
Can you possibly make it right?

To every cry of laughter,
somewhere is a cry of pain
everything in life is one of two things
blessing or a curse


To every truth there is a lie.......

*I just wrote the second verse and added it on lemme know what you think!*
#2June 10th, 2007 · 04:15 AM
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Objections are good......
#3June 10th, 2007 · 08:07 AM
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Hey sahara,  I really like where you are going with this.  I like the concepts of incineration via passion versus fear of vulnerability (a small death of self). And is every truth a lie if it is what that person truly believes? Just a question Keep going this is good stuff!!!

#4June 10th, 2007 · 12:12 PM
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Thank you!
To every truth i believe that there underneath it all, is a lie, whether it's your preseption or whether it is a cold hard fact. Everything in life as you choose to see it is a beautiful lie, because everybody is blind to the actual truth.

Keep em' Comin!
#5June 10th, 2007 · 01:41 PM
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..... WOW!!!!! I find myself asking two things
"Why the heck is she not signed on a lable?"
"Why the heck is she not recording this?"
So maybe right now is not the best time to
answer the first but you can definitaly
do something about the second... i would be
enthralled to see your divine work in song
form!!!! I love this!! and I absolouty love the line
"it takes some sanity to addmit your insane"
It describes me to a tea! lol
                      Music is life, as well as death
#6June 10th, 2007 · 04:16 PM
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these are great lyrics. if you dont mind me asking; are you just a writer or do you make music yourself, and have you any plans to make this into music?

#7June 10th, 2007 · 04:30 PM
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So the insane are the ones who cant/don't admit they are insane?

I heard once that the french have an expression for the female orgasm as a 'small death' !  

Anyway! I also like the direction this piece of yours is going, if you can keep the general structure and theme it would make for a fully loaded song!
#8June 13th, 2007 · 08:57 AM
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Hey,I like the lyrics and the way the chorus repeats "from..."!
I only have one suggestion:I think that "to every lie there is a truth!" would seem a more smoth ending!
I don't know why but it's just this little something!
Don't know if it changes the meaning or something but thats my suggestion!

#9June 14th, 2007 · 12:33 AM
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areally good!
I agree with SS. u are really good. really good. i'll listen to your song as soon as I can!
#10June 18th, 2007 · 07:56 AM
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Yes This a nice start to this unfinished work
so far this is looking very good
I'll be waiting for the final cut

#11June 21st, 2007 · 01:09 PM
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WOWZZA! I love you People!!!
As for the first question I have no clue why am am not signed to a label.....god that would rock!
as for the second i do have music to this and yes it rocks, but the issue is having the equipment to load it and computer is slower than slow so.... yeah it sux. You said that the sanity line described you to a tea well its just how i operate without knowing that it takes some sanity to admit i am insane....i would be doomed.
Thank you so much for your comment!

I am a song writer so to every lyric i place on this website there is most definitely a melody behind it whether it's on my guitar or just stuck inside my head it's there. thank you for your comment!

Insane ppl can't admit they are insane, therefore the ppl that walk around and say "wow im going insane" thery aren't because they have the sanity to admit that they are. i had no clue that french ppl said that! i am so telling ppl that! lol. thanks for your comment!

Thank you so much! I write from experiences i have in life, and what i have been taught. Most of my older music is all crap but i think that i am finally getting it right! Thanks again!

Thanks a bunch I myself am waiting for the final cut to pop outta my head so......I will letcha know as soon as it does! Thanks again!
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