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The long way home
Well I'm just gonna tell you a story
About one of those lonely days
Were I just don't know where
And who I am!

Usually I get these days on a
Rainy sunday afternoon when
I'm just sitting around

My mind doesn't always make sense
But sometimes it does but
these are't one of them

And I go outside and look what the
world has left.

I go down to the water
sit on a stone
wait for something but not me

I see grey hard stone,
sand on the beach
on a tree,an apple red!

The sun goes down
- the moon
he talks to me

Chorus: 2x
He says: "Who are you to question the open seas?"

My mind is opened by a crack
light destroys what I know

I've known so many things
I knew about the world and its dreams

I've known so many things
I heard about the people eho still do

Verse: (Point of the song!)
Love red,Live life
of dreams,hope,happiness
and go!
The long way home!
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