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k, these songs I found in my stash.
They are not finished and they need work. Help me out. I am not good at writing love songs.

(This one I called Hello, Goodbye)
I think I know you
Do  you think
I could show you
Who you used to be
What you used to do

I reconize you
Do you know
What you used to do
To be, totally free
It involved me

We were gonna runaway
Do you remember
Or did I fade away
Did you think
I wasn't serious
Oh no

We were gonna fly away
We were gonna make a change
We weren't gonna let them choose our paths
We were gonna stay in love
Till the day we died and flew to above
But something happened
You fell out of love

So now you trying to apolizige
Saying it wasn't true so I guess  you lied

(I don't know what to call this one)

I don't know
How to say this
But I guess
It would be best
to just come out with it

This is the first time
In my life
To find myself paralized
By the sight of you
I never can stop thinkin about you

Why'd you have to be so cute
When you came into my life

Already seeing stars
Already wondering where you are
Already dreaming of you
Already thinking of things to do
So you can finally see, you love me too

Hard to breathe at night
I can't even stand the sight
Of your stupid face
You're sending to despair
Nothing can get my heart to start to race

I'm telling you right now
For the past two years
Every memory, and every tear
Has flowed out
Into a slur of words
Bringing out
My soul in the words

You were my inspiration
Now you're gone
Now all that is left is irratation
And it goes on and on and on
But doesn't make me happy
No it doesn't do anything
I miss you
Come back home
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