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My .44
Seems like everyone
In this whole damn town
Happens to own a gun
And they don't mess around
So I wen't down to the store
Bought my self a .44
Put it under my pilow
Now I don't sleep alone no more


Cuz One
I can't fall asleep at night
I know I aint doing right
All that I ever see
Is what there is and what we could never be
Now girl,
Please don't walk away
I know that you wanna stay
If you leave me now-
That your gone how am I supposed to breath now?

Now I ain't shot no body
Ain't done no harm
In fact I walk around
With my saftey on
But if I catch a body
Comming through the rye
Oh if I catch a body
Some body gonna die

Everyone need a little protection
To save them selfs
But when I had the bible
I put it back on the shelf
Now I have a pistol
Heres what I aim to do
Point it straight at your heart baby
So I can break through to you

#2May 18th, 2007 · 08:50 AM
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Is this a country song? Or is this an '80s rock
song kinda like the Guns'n'Roses (whom I
am a fan of) or what?
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