#1May 9th, 2007 · 04:01 AM
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Street Soldiers (rescue me)
I recycled the main chord progression from "Sweet Libertine" and aimed to go for the simple chord progression with a basic lyrical structure behind it, kinda like "Processional". Enjoy and please critique.

Street Soldiers
I'm sick and tired of living up,
To your desires, I'm so damn tired,
Of living up, top your mistakes,
Is this life, make or brake?
Living up to your downfall,
Is there a benchmark at all,
I'm hanging out by your side,
You're too depressed for suicide,

I'm sitting tight, with what I believe,
I deserve, I bend to my knees,
Will somebody help, will somebody please,
Rescue a little me,
I'm shutting my eyes, clutch my beliefs,
I give up on you, like you gave up on me,
Will somebody help, will somebody please,
Just risk you for a little me.

I woke up tonight, so confused, so confused,
I woke up tonight, without you, without you,
I woke up tonight, I woke up alone and so confused,
I shut my eyes, and let my soul cry as I thought of you,


Break: (change of chords)
My  angel, you're my angel, my angel died,
My angel, you're my angel, oh how my angel cried,
And I'm sick and tired of giving up, won't you set me free,
I'm out of the game because I loved you the same,
As I know you did to me.... so rescue me....

Verse 1:


Break X 2

I changed the title just before I posted it, from rescue me to street soldiers, to change the meaning, and make it about a homeless person trying to regain their life, but failing, repeatedly falling back down.


#2May 14th, 2007 · 03:45 PM
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aweseom awesome awesome. U rule. I love it. Ahem... did I overdo it....  dnt think I can mate. It is just too gud. But only the first verse and the first chorus. some how it seems to me u wrote the first part at a different time from the last part. But thts me dnt mind 
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