#1April 29th, 2007 · 11:47 AM
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Cymru (Wales)
Hells half acre
It was a strange trip, I actually did a lot up there in where I call Hells Half Acre, it was a while back, but these things are still going on! lol

This was one of mine:

And she laughs in the rain
Then she cries away the pain
Standing on that hill
With the shadows all around

Seagulls see it glisten
See it listen see it glow
Shinning with the smiles
Of the things we know we know.

The Goat is in the valley
Behind his worry of uncertainty
She nuzzles her self up against him
Is this my dream, or someone elses fantasy?

And the Christin kissed the Frog
Under Holly's bush
And if they didn't like the rush
All they'd do was push

In his certainty of liberty
The Leprechaun's laugh is torn
Upon her soul her deepest hole
Is conceived and born

And I run
Run to the rescue
Run Away
I'll do anything
To make this thing
Make me understand!

Trying to squeeze some sense from a senseless mind
As Murphy's law takes the Christian to the Lions
The axe is taken and lost so many time
As then they set them free, shackled in irons

I climb a tree to see
The sun smiles aloud
Try me, fly me, buy me
Unbutton the delirium
Of this my sacred shroud

She nuzzles her self up against me
This is my dream I say your fantasy?
If we were to run away now, like this
Could you tell me, how would it be?

The Children reap the harvest
Beans and mushroom tea
And the only question left to question
Is weather it is her Dream or her Fantasy
#2May 2nd, 2007 · 04:55 AM
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Yeah, I like this, great imagery, rhythmic flow. It ties together quite well, building up a picturesque scene. You have some really intricate poetry going on.
The 6th paragraph (the "run, run" one) is quite different from the rest of it, I'm not quite sure what to make of it, at one point it seems out of place, in another, it seems to break it up quite well.

I like this lyric a fair bit, it's almost otherworldly. Good job kings.

#3May 2nd, 2007 · 11:47 AM
341 threads / 59 songs
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Cymru (Wales)
WB wrote…
Yes that's the word! It was an otherworldly trip too, I'll tell ya! 

So you've commented on them all? I'm off to read the rest!
Here's thank you number 1! 

Yes that middle bit is different. The first half is about the characters with my self as last and different! There are 7 people woven into those first verses!
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