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Good Old peace & Love
One night when there was caos in my life I could'nt sleep, got up and made myself a cup of rosy lea [Tea]
for the first time in my life I sat down and suddenly and became inspired to write a poem. It took me only 10 minutes to write. Believe me, It's vary rare that I get inspired to write a few words. The next day I was suprised that I wrote on the 06/06/2006. I did manage to write a song which was ina sort of country type of feel. I uploaded it on another site, but the reviews were less than avarage. however the lyrics have a special place in my heart, I've never been able write music to the lyrics that I like. So hear it is perhaps theirs an somebody out there that could write some music to it or give me the inspiration.

Good Old Peace & Love

Peace Love & Happiness
Is what we all strive for

Love Peace & Happiness
Are what we All Die For

In Everyday we Strive to achieve this Goal
Itís The Journey to Form an Internal Glow.

Peace & Love is The Answer to Relieve The Darker Days
It Can Free Your Soul To Thy Eternal Light
That enters Your Body Shiny Bright


Good Old peace and Love
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Good Old peace and Love
It sounds sarcastic, though it doesn't read sarcastic.
I hear this as an All you need is love type of song, especially if you make a repeated chorus of the 'Good Old peace and Love'
According to QI, 666 is a typo, the original number of the beast was 616!   Love it!!!
Might have something to do with the English having officially accepted Christianity as the state religion in 667 AD! lol Don't know if you were called the English then though!

I'd pick up on the Glow thing again after 'That enters Your Body Shiny Bright', it kind of confirms it!
#3April 29th, 2007 · 04:30 AM
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Good Old Peace & Love
Thanx for your input Kings. Yeah, I think I could work on your ideas.

The other thing I forgot to mention, from the moment I wrote those lyrics, it was as if by magic, everything I did in my life, seemed to go well without a hitch, well up until Christmas anyway. Pretty good run don't you think.

Those words had a kind of realization of what I was trying to achieve. If only I could create music that would give people the same effect, now that would be magic, I'm not going to write music just for the sake of it. I know one day perhaps it will be on the 07/07 2007, the music will come. That date BTW is supposed to have some significance.

Cheers me ol mucka.

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