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Believe in me
I know times are getting rough
I know trusting me is getting tough
And I know I am draining you dry
But baby you've gotta try
I know that you are walking blindfolded
Trusting me to guide you safely
I know that you are getting anxious
But baby please gather your patience

But Please, believe in me
Baby, Please believe in me

Holding my hand we've gotten so far
Now your getting nervous, don't leave me
Follow me, yeah, I'm following that star
We'll be there soon enough
I know time is passing so fast
And you are thinking of our past
I've cheated and lied to you
You starting to doubt me, but baby
Please, believe in me
Baby please, believe in me
Believe, Believe, Believe in me
Yeah, I know you don't trust me
But we've gotten so far can't you see
Honey Believe me, we've gotten gotten so far
Believe in me, in me in me
Yeah, in me
Believe in me
Believe in me
Believe in me

Your slipping away
Not trusting me enough
I praying you'll stay
But have I done to much
Believe in me
#2April 28th, 2007 · 04:30 PM
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This sounds really 'motherly' like your trying to help some imbecile of an ex-boyfriend get back on his feet!

I like songs of hope, it's just that I don't relate to the person or the reasons the person needs hope.
In that the man(partner) would have to be pretty stupid (or in an immensely bad state) if you felt the need to have to sing this for him! Kwim?
Fairly good! It could be a song but I don't know if I'd like it! 
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