#1March 20th, 2007 · 12:10 AM
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do we know if its true
a friend of mine wrote these a few weeks ago and i thought they were lovely , so i had to share them  were doing a colab with these i'll be helping sing them. but the insterment part is going to be a wee bit difficult because neather of us know what were doing lol  i helped edit and inspire this song so  INJOY  lol

Yes it all happened with a perfect start
She was pretty
He was witty
both had delicate hearts

There was one thing holding them back
It was a beauty
She's a cutie
There was nothing she lacked
She had a piece of his heart

It was terin them apart

A couple hearts torn it two
They cant hold it secret
It will break through
They know its wrong
Its fucked up
But there's nothing they can do
Love is the strongest emotion
But do they know if its true

A tragic day came
She went to his house
He was not there
His parents said he was troubled
But this wasent fair

He had left
Trying to be on his own
Roaming the streets
No money for a phone

He couldn't call her
Her stomach turned
She was worried
Her heart burned

It felt as if it was torn to pieces
And thrown on the ground
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The start has a nice rhythmic feel to it (from what I gathered). I like the theme throughout, I can see this playing out nice.

Good job alittlepaperdoll, and your friend too  .


#3March 21st, 2007 · 05:40 PM
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Yes I agree with WB, it's very catchy, it's quick yet tells the story and there are some very clever rhymes.
Do hope you post the Collab when it's done!
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