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as always, trying to prove a point- Souls In Shatters
unknown to many, it's the system we're against
given the word under false pretence
in the government we see a mirror, ourselves reflected back
but what can we do it's an unchangable fact
that we group in small masses trying to figure this out
while we laugh and take notes on what lifes all about

so why do we cry, when we can't change a thing
buts thats why cry, we're just trying to think
with our headphones loud, we trundle on
though we fight for a freedom, our freedom is gone
with my hood pulled up, I've had enough
of being put down, when I'm trying to be tough

so I light up a spliff, cause it helps me think
I'm still not crying, but I'm right on the brink
yes my heart goes out, to all the people who died
but how can I run with this knife in my side
we've taken thier lives in centuries past
and we didn't ceise, not least till the last

like the buddy who hides, we cower behind
while the bully gives orders and I try to find
a reason we're here, did I want this farse
and your lies and policies you can shove up your arse
I'm not eighteen so I don't choose
it seems I've no right, so whatever, I loose

we're all in the same boat, but still we can't see
if we all sopped trying, we all could just be
last week she was crying and I had to cope
why does this happen to such decent folk
yet we all live this shit, and have to live on
but some times it feels, we live only to moarn

can't we all just stop, these playground politics
if he hit you first, turn the other cheek
laugh in there face and say you don't care
if you learn this fact, then I'll meet you there
in the place were we chill and don't give a fuck
we'll drink beer, laugh and rais a glass to good luck

but still it goes on, this life what it be
another broken nuckle, because he hit me
but what could I do, she was screaming for help
her voice in my ears, the rage I felt
still I gave him the shit, and showed him whos boss
that was all fine but then came the loss

I couldn't let go, and on I kicked,
neither for girl nor for glory, but a bottomless pit
of the anger I felt for the small minded twat
later it turned out, that thought wasn't fact
it was her godamn fault, she'd sent his best mate to prison
who's the dick now, my undoubted vision

now I feel how he feels, as I look in his eyes
I've been there before, and asked questions like why
I was angry I know, but I would never harm that slag
even though she lied, the false cat out the bag
she ruined my life, but still my morals hold strong
and still I get beaten, I do nout but wrong

my hood's back up, now I need a spliff
to help me think, why'd I do this
I think before hurt, but this time I failed
to do what I do, so when I fly off the rails
I'm justified and rightouse, so i can sleep well
cause I've used up god's forgivness, things I can't tell

I can't figure this out and my feet start to stall
I'm tired and wiery, some day I'll fall
the next day I wake up, grumpy and sad
another day in this hell, but i should be glad
cause I least I've got money, and thats what matters
in this world run by fools, that leaves our souls in shatters

This one I like, I want Pantera like metal with some proper agressive vox and a bit at the start saying how much I hate the way politics is run in this country and all over the world.
I am, indeed, a teenager!
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Mo wrote…
I am, indeed, a teenager!
THE most important lesson of ALL,   'Know thy self'      
Just seen that this is BIG, but I've got to go so I'll be back to it later, looks promising
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Wow that took a bit to digest!
That's one statement you've made.
So are you going to remember all that when you sing it?
I was once told that our souls have a life span of their own, in that a young soul will blow it's self up, cant put things in proper perspective, then mid-age souls are politicians and alike, wanting to be important and believing they are doing the right thing for one and all making sure it's righter for the one than for the all, so to say. and Old souls are just old souls!
I like the way you touch so many societal and personal issues, I find it a sound attempt at putting the chaos of the 21st century into perspective.
It must be quite challenging growing up within the age of information and technology, all that shite marketed for you, I think it's a question of filtering!
A well! skin up another one and see if it makes it any better!
#4February 16th, 2007 · 04:28 AM
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Awesome. Love the wording and use of unusual words alongside words like jerk and slag.
Indeed politics is like the children's playground. And the teachers look away.

"with my hood pulled up, I've had enough,
of being put down"
Love it. It is a lot to take in, but it's all good. Very poetic and very well done.

#5February 16th, 2007 · 06:29 AM
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WB wrote…
Indeed politics is like the children's playground. And the teachers look away.
Had to pick up on your point WB, I disagree in a way, I think politics is an adults playground, where the politicians have made themselves the teachers who 'look away' / 'look through the fingers' to use a good Dutch expression.
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Cheers guys.
kings wrote…
the teachers who 'look away' / 'look through the fingers' to use a good Dutch expression.
Thats cool, I'v thought it like that before but with the whole "He hit me so I'm gona hit him back" international polotics going at the moment I forgot they are both child and teacher.
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