#1December 20th, 2015 · 06:16 PM
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Cymru (Wales)
I am, I the man
Something I wrote trying to figure out the news these days ......

I am, I the man
Never had a big bang plan
Always strayed where the days ran
Found my way to be the words she sang
Who says I donít do what I can

I haven't got a foreign policy
To me itís all the same
Another one gone burning bridges
For the woman who knows his name

Iím no alien
I am a human being
I can sell you hopes and dreams my friend
I can tell you what Iíve seen

I just may be a refugee
But you seek refuge just like me
Youíre lost to reasons to feed your need
Me, Iím lost at sea

Iíd say your god has turned his back
Yes, your god has turned away
A smak of sulphur on his twisted tongue
Disbelief has nothing to say

Youíre forgiven for not understanding
What youíre standing on
As you look with longing to distances
The balance tips
Your foot slips
     And it is gone Ö..
#2December 22nd, 2015 · 06:09 PM
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Well I Woke up this mornin the rain has gone
This old world keeps on turning
Now the sun in the sky shines on
That old man river just keeps rolling
Rolling along.

Thanks for sharing kings , connected with your lyrics, guessing many share these ideals, some where in the overlap of our human collective consciousness there is a special common ground ,probably hidden from us now . Hopefully our infant consciousness learns & grows strong & bright .Have a most excellent new year & Xmas. Best wishes Greg & Yoko
#3December 27th, 2015 · 01:38 PM
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United States of America
I like the tone quite a bit, although, by the end (speaking from the outside of course) I feel a little like I lose the connection with the narrator.  The last stanza doesn't have anything obviously wrong with it... maybe its the second the last...  I think I'm losing the theme just enough to keep it tied to the previous stanza.

With the "grass is greener" conclusion, I got a lot of mental imagery.  Purdy nice.
#4January 14th, 2016 · 03:26 PM
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Cymru (Wales)
WOW ! Greg ..... Tim thank ye both kindly for comments. I had not even noticed there were comments as bandAmp does not notify any more : (

Hope you also had a good Christmas and that the new year will bring more of the same old magic in your lives.
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