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Song for Two

I know you're not my kind of woman,
I'm not your kind of man
But I know where you're coming from,
And you know where I am

You say you played a wandering tune -
You ran away from home
Me - I play different song,
And I sing it all alone

But I just might learn to sing a song
That more than one could play
And maybe you could sing along, if only for a day

Now maybe you won't like it here,
Perhaps you'll wander on
But stay a while and be with me,
Don't go before the dawn
Now I know you think that I'm just some fool
Who wants to settle down
But can't you see that I got no roots
In this barren patch of ground
Instrumental verse

(Chorus 2)
Now I just might learn to sing this song,
Now I think that two can play
And maybe you could sing along,
If only just today
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Angel Wings
Angel Wings

I thought I saw a ghost last night
Flicker out like candle light
Then softly glow behind a tree
And reaching out, it beckoned me.

I felt a tugging at my heart
And soon my world came apart
Like spider webs on rainy days
And tattered clouds o'er windy bays.

But when I tried to walk that way
The light grew dim and could not stay
Attached to common earthly things,
And flew away on Angel Wings.

And as I watched the eerie glow
I thought of things I used to know
Like friends once close, that now have gone
Or words to ancient, nameless songs.

Now all I have are empty fears
Of moonlit nights and passing years
And all that you can give to me
Will never serve to set me free.
(repeat 1st verse)
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great lyrics
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