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I am living in my Surreality
Not to far away from your insanity
A place far away from normality
This is where I call my home

(verse 1)
Misunderstood from those around
Understanding not to be found
for I see things so differently
I make up my own reality
My Surreality far far away

(verse 2)
Tuned the real world out so long ago
Memories of pain is all I know
Now I'm making my own wave
The world outside I must deprave


This is my home... Is this a dream?
I'm so happy here... In my Surreality
My Surreality far away from normality
Please don't wake me from my slumber
This dream of mine I want it to last
It has to be a dream these things can't be real (repeat)
I want it to last... This dream of mine


(verse 3)
Happenings of the past I fear
My recollection trully clear
For this reason I must evade
Eventuality I will shade


Living in my Surreality

By Mark Stoner (bmi) (c)2005
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