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Lyrics by Mark Stoner (c) 2005
Recorded and Mastered at Lake Acres Studio
A Stonyson Records Release (c) 2015
By Eternal Horizons Music

My little serpentine oh you can be so mean.
My little serpentine love and hate I'm fallen in between.
My little serpentine oh yeah oh oh oh.
Dirty little serpentine I know you could be so kind.
slippery serpentine now you really blow my mind
ooh...I'm tellin you darlin.

(verse 1)
You layin there I just better beware
Need to move aside when you decide to strike.
You're castin an evil spellupon me my dear.
Look into your eyes oh my you look so good.
In a trance you having me surrendering to your will.
Please don't coil up and hiss at me.



Serpentine please be mine
I want to stay with you from nine to nine.
Serpentine slitherin away
What are the words to make you stay


(verse 2)
ooh baby you really tease me keep me tryin.
Swaying back and forth movin to the music playin.
Don't you know there's nothing I wouldn't do.
Cold hearted reptile you sure can be sometimes.
Calculating and manipulating my every attempt to get at you.
Please don't coil up and hiss at me.


My little serpentine oh yeah oh oh oh
Oh yeah

By Mark Stoner(bmi) (c)2005
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