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"Heaven's Got Its Way" lyrics
"Heaven's Got Its Way"

Hold me now we can make it together
Everything we do now matters
Life thows us curves and wrestles our nerves
He watches us from up on high
Hold me now we're living on borrowed time

...Heaven's Got Its Way

A New dimension your kiss takes me
where angels tread above us
A little piece of Heaven you give me
Hold me now we'll be happy together

...Heaven's Got Its Way

Let's stand up and shout for joy
The love we have been given
Alas our time is short
So let's get busy living

Hold me now... Hold me now

Sail with me honey
Hold on this day...
Heaven's Got its way

Look to the eye in the sky

Hold me now we're livin on borrowed time
You and me together 'till we're old and gray
Take me to a place beyond this plane
He can show us a different way
Hold me now Let's hold on to faith and loyalty

...Heaven's Got Its Way

Let it give us courage to break on through
Soulmates as we are sure to see
Each other at Heaven's sweet oblivion
Hold me now take me to a new day

...Heaven's Got Its Way

Bring me closer to what we're meant for
Two lost souls on common ground
Brought together 'till time is no more

Hold me now... Hold me now... Hold me now

Sail with me honey
Hold on this day
Heaven's Got Its way

Take me away... far far away

Heaven's Got Its way

By Mark Stoner(bmi) (c)2004
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