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Cymru (Wales)
4th of 4 tonight. Written recently, I still feel there could be more to it ......

Waiting for tomorrow
and the digits on the dial
Waiting for the sun to rise
like the child's smile

Sitting in the darkness
Looking at the light
No need for a saviour
I'm OK, It's all right

Waiting for the hallows
Where the curtains to the dream are thin
Waiting for an order
To step in

Find my self in flashes
Run down the corridor
The tide turns to ashes
I've been here before

Waiting for tomorrow
and the bells to chime
Now do you remember
those moments in time

Waiting for a sunset
It's too good to be true
I've marvelled at your beauty
Well I've seen what it can do

Waiting for tomorrow
At the end of today
A point of no return again
Let those sleeping beasts lay

Waiting for an avalanche
Of I told you so
That every in-between the lines
Is all you need to know
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