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Cymru (Wales)
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I've always written, in my spare time, at work, however the weird and wonderful makes sense.
So I still do .....

Thin little man
Through his microphone
 ... Here I am .....
Leave me alone

Hairy guy
Screams guitar
Thought he'd try to say something
He did not get that far

There's my baby
On the tv
I can touch her, nearly
It's just like she can, see me

O! My ex,
on my home page
Wish she'd hang out
with someone her own age

That's my neighbour
In the paper
Pumping action
Said he can save her

My brothers on the board
At the bar with his piers
Where any plea for release
Fall upon, deficit ears

Back seat drivers
Boardroom contrivers
Leaders lead us not into knowledge
And what you' re really up to

O! My farther
Who art thou fooling
I could not have done without it
But these days their all pooling

Did you see my mother
Walking on down the hall
I asked if I could love her
She said first you've got to crawl

Daughters of time
Son's of mine
When the water rises
Then you start to climb
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