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In that Sweet By and By
It's been a long time since I've managed to put a full lyric together but here's a sort of pastoral hymn I've been working on. Just to be clear, I don't have any religious affiliations myself, I just find this sort of imagery interesting and easy to write. I've got a melody and chord progression ready to go for this one but I haven't found the time to record it yet. Comments/criticisms/suggestions welcome.

There's a place up ahead
and I'm going
Just as fast
As my feet
can fly
In that warm mountain air
Where I won't have no care
I'm going home,
in that sweet
by and by


In that sweet by and by to which I'm bound
Far away up in heaven above
Where the cool waters flow
And the sweet grasses grow
I'm going home in that sweet by and by

I'm gonna meet
all those friends
I've been missing
Who made their way
a long time before
Sniff that perfume rich breeze
'neath the magnolia trees
I'll be home
in that sweet
by and by

I'll be home when my loved ones surround me
I'll be home in the songs and the hymns
No more trials to bear
Just my faith and this prayer
To find my home in that sweet by and by
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