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New Years Resolution
This is the first lyric I've completed in so many months. It has a nice acoustic guitar playing behind it.
When I started writing it out, my intentions were satirical, now they seem more political 
Anyways, here it is! (it's Christmas themed by the way.)

New Years Resolution
Verse 1:
The Christmas tree is glowing, with a chain of fairy lights,
They're not energy efficient, not the power saving type.
We'll leave it for another year, we'll leave it for another year.

Verse 2:
The dinner's in the oven, while we play and laugh and sing,
And we won't eat a half of it, just throw it in the bin.
We'll leave it for another year, we'll leave it for another year.

And it's another year gone, another year wasted,
When are we gonna fix the place that we
Live in.
Another year gone, we can't replace it,
Too far from the track we're gonna
Lose it.

Verse 3:
Carolers are singing about the good of human kind,
But we don't ever listen, we stay ignorant and blind.
And it won't stop till we help ourselves, and it won't stop till we help ourselves.


New years resolution that we're gonna save the earth,
It's just an empty promise, it's more trouble than it's worth.
Tomorrow is another year, tomorrow is another year.
But you don't know the half of it and you don't even care,
As long as you get what you want, you don't have to share.
Tomorrow is another year, tomorrow's just another year.


Alt chorus:
My new years goal, my resolution,
Is to save you from your own
My hope is strong, my fingers crossed,
I'll pull you through, not all is lost
Just yet.

Alt chorus.

Tomorrow is another year,
(for things like war and fighting)
Tomorrow is another year,
(The price of oil still rising)
Tomorrow is another year,
(Freedom costs too many lives)
Tomorrow is another year,
(The human soul is so deprived)
Tomorrow's just another year.
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i don't have enough time to write a full-on review, but I'll say this:

I agree with the message, and I'm happy to see it in such a well though-out form.  generally, I'm completely uninterested by political music.  Lucky for you, this isn't intensely rooted into some Political genre, which makes me able to read it and appreciate it (very much) for it's message.  You're simply expressing your disapproval over certain things.  I think the recurring "new year" theme is what really carries the piece.  I think that was your intention, as you titled it "New Years Resolution" :P   Good call.

i can only really criticize on one thing...

i don't really agree with this line you used towards the end: Freedom costs too many lives.  uh... then what do you suggest?   that we die as slaves?  I understand what you're saying though... it's the popular argument to make, these days (regardless of national patronage), that there's no REAL reason to be fighting, and so the word freedom ought to go into quotes, as if it's an imaginary thing we're doing... we're fighting for "freedom", they say accompanied by a smile and a nod.

anyway, it's your song--- i'm not trying to rewrite it for you!  that'd be dumb :P  I'm just saying, that it remains a little shrouded as a line all by itself

Nice structure, nice flow, I thought.  With the Alternate chorus, I felt like it turned to a "we need a hero" theme, which is very true!  I liked it, because it wasn't just a song about the condition, but rather, you wrote about how "I" would step up to the plate and "pull you through", as you said it.

very nice.

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Cool, thanks for the review. I don't usually go for the political messages, it's kind of along the lines of the salvation army christmas appeals, and how there's more needy people other than the people within our own families that we should also think about.

Strangely enough, that one line you pointed out was the one I had trouble with, but that was due to rhythms, not the meaning =P but yeah, I see what you mean it's a little more dramatic than the rest of the song. How about: We'll liberate, all in due time
This would reinforce the idea of promising things to change later down the track. Sound ok?

Thanks again, it was all very helpful 

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