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Cymru (Wales)
Oooo Eeehh
Something from a long time ago ..... it must be 15 years at lest ... and it's inspired by something even earlier

She took my hart
And she took my soul
She showed me how to rock
And she told me how to role
And then she said
Your better off dead
Because you’re not going to run away
From the road that you have lead

Ooooo     eeeeeh

‘What are you going to do
When it’s all so true
What are you going to feel?
When it all so unreal
What are you going to say?
When its all been said
How are you going to work it out?
When they are screaming in your head’

Ooooo     eeeeeh

I’ll take your hand
And you’ll take mine
We’ll get there on the way
If we only take our time
When we get there you will say
Truly there was no other way
Because I now know how to feel
For the souls that paved the way

Ooooo     eeeeeh
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