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Public face
Public face

Meet the man with the public face

Paid up member of the human race

No believer in misdemeanour

Way too smart to leave a trace

We’ve seen his face on television
Heard his voice on radio

Pray you’re not the big decision
When the music’s turned down low
Daddy’s got an aching head
Mummy says it’s time for bed


Lately you’ve been hearing voices

Need a drink to oil the tongue

When it all comes down to choices

What if this has just begun


History is you witness now

Time to kill a sacred cow

Be polite please, dim the light please


Feel the beat of a ticking time bomb
Block your ears and close the door

Tell yourself that nothing’s gone wrong

Carry on just like before
Better not to make a scene
No one likes a drama queen

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I like this, it's simple and makes a bit of sense
It needs refining, in that singing it would bring a sightly different structure to the words.

I've written something on the same theme called Mr TV me , but it's not posted at the amp.
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