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What Happens

Verse 1:

What happens if I grow immune to the pain you used to cause?
What happens if I don't cry when you lie?
What happens if my heart does not tear again when you say I'm sorry baby didn't mean to? 


'Cos boy I'm tired 
Of picking us up when we trip over all the pieces of my heart that  you keep on breaking
Yea over and over again
I'm tired baby can't u see
It's the same routine 
Yea all over again
Again. And again. 
That's what's happening. 

Verse 2:

What happens if I don't really wanna let you go? 
What happens if I'm scared of not being hurt after I get knocked down by-y you again?


Cos you've spilled you cup of chances 
And I've found the key to the door 
So  I'm walking out now
I'm not turning back again
It's what's happening 
It's what's happening-ing 


Bye bye baby. 
Goodbye sweetheart
I loved you honey
But this is what happens. 
What happens to us...?
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