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Cymru (Wales)
Evil woman
OK, here's one for the boys!

There's been a few posts recently here in the 'lyric review' department that have not painted the best picture of us men, Sooo..............

I wrote this as part of getting over a very long relationship, and it did help at the time.

You can take with a pinch of salt or you can take it to heart!
Or you can relate to it totally.

I would like to know what you think.

Evil woman
Capture the hart
With more than many reasons
Evil woman
Blind the mind thatís trying to find
Forever in your love

She came to me and gave freely
Her love and understanding
I gave her my soul, played my role
For holding her meant everything.
We talked and fought, laughed and cried
We dreamt of days and many ways
We would satisfy the cry inside.
And then we were everything

Evil woman
Captivates my being
With the seeing of her needs
Evil woman
Made me feel that her love was real
And that it would always be

Never felt so special as then
To be so close and so together
The greatest part of my beating hart
I sacrificed to her
Her beauty and her strength
I only see what I want to see
She makes me blind, unable to define
What is lie, what is true, what is reality
And then she is everything

Evil woman
You emanate a light
Lighter than the stars at night
Evil woman
You kick, bitch, bully and bite
And I fall and say itís all right

How could I ever have realized
While wrapped within your love-riddled lies
That you would take my hart and run
And offer your communion to another one

Evil woman, Love and hate
Evil woman, Destroy and create
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I enjoy how you don't rhyme all of the time. It adds depth to the lyrics and forces them to be read/listend to with intent, and not just bouncing with the rhythm lookin' for the next rhyme.
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