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Donít forget your Elephant
Something I came up with recently, worked at it ... forgot about it .... thought of some more .... and worked at it again
I do see me ... eventually, making a recording ... whether I do a video performance of it or leave it audio is the question.

Twas a sunny meadow crickety down by the river afternoon when my companion cocked his straw boater and started to sing .....

Donít forget your Elephant
When youíre going out
Itís always good to have your Elephant
Somewhere around-about

Donít forget your Elephant
When youíre at the shops
Heíll push your trolley up and down the isle
And even carry home the box

Donít forget your Elephant
When you go to sea
Because itís when you do not have one
Youíll see how useful one can be

Donít forget your Elephant
When you go to school
If you want to impress the girls round your desk
An Elephantís quite cool!

Donít forget your Elephant
When youíre at the zoo
If you dare, to forget him there
Heíll be pretty peeved with you

Donít forget your Elephant
On a Friday night
He wonít get drunk and puke on you
But then again he might

Donít forget your Elephant
When youíre at the bar
If you get so pissed that you canít get up
He can always fetch the car

Donít forget your Elephant
When youíre driving down the road
He may take up space and weigh a ton
But at least he does what he is told

Donít forget your Elephant
When you are at home
Sit him down with a bag of nuts
And you wonít feel half alone

Donít forget your Elephant
When you go to sleep
Just put him in a corner
And cover him with a sheet

But donít forget your Elephant
Underneath your bed
When you wake up in the morning
Youíre sure to bang your head

Repeat last verse a few times becoming more boisterous and loud as it builds to a brawling crescendo
#2April 10th, 2012 · 01:06 AM
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L. O. L.    That was hilariously genius Kings lol. At first, I thought "hey this could make a great children's story" and then around the 6th verse it started to turn into a hilarity that I could see "Flight of the Conchords" trying to do. And as I went on it made me laugh out loud more and more and more. Absolutely brilliant, and quite entertaining, which I assume was the purpose This'd be great in a video
#3April 10th, 2012 · 02:54 AM
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Great imagination - Unique and creative - Brillient
#4December 19th, 2012 · 01:47 PM
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I really like this, quirky and funny, especially like the verse where the elephant is covered with a sheet, very random! Reminds me a bit of Syd Barret, not just cause he sung a song about an elephant also but because of the surreal humour.
#5December 19th, 2012 · 02:06 PM
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Haha, great stuff! Indeed a childrens story for grownups. You should make accompanying illustrations and publish it as such, haha!
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