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The King's Suicide
I come to you in the dark of night,
to tell you I'm sorry and that it'll be alright
the broken friends all lost too and they told me
the bad news for me to tell you

with shattered shock and fear in their eyes
they ran up to hurt me and tore off my disguise
but after beating me until i was rough
one of them shouted enough is enough

now with tears drowning out their eyes
they pulled out a dagger and threatened my life
they said "no more lies, we're through with you,
"now what do you say, did you hear the news?"

they screamed "The king is dead, he took his life, but you made it look like it was a suicide"
then they left me bleeding there with few remaining thoughts of a billionaire
and it occurred to me to tell you my queen
that you can't have a kingdom without a king

you have to know I didn't commit this thing
I've always been loyal to you my queen
But our names have a good ring
and you know you can't have a kingdom without a king

"Is my life a game to you?!" she screamed into the light
"He could be gone for thousands of years but I'd still be crying,"
the man said "Your king has abandoned you, he went and took his life,
"and I wanted to kill him, but I'll still take you for my wife"


the queen sat in her room and cried
over the days events that had transpired
and the filthy man lay outside with bugs on his eyelids
and glass in his sides

the town was silent for the night
for their king was missing and nowhere in sight
and his wife got up and went to the dresser and
found a note that the king had left her
that read "I'm coming back for you sweetie"
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United Kingdom
Could you not do this as a video story ... minstrel in the background ?
It could be comical or serious .... it's a bit corny to be serious ... but you could.

Tis an epic tho
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Yeah this whole concept of "the king's suicide" I had was (or maybe is) going to be like a whole story/album and this is just a piece of it. But as you said its corny, and its trying to be serious. I thought I'd play around with a medieval theme and see what happens. The whole story is basically there is this man that is full of rage towards this king and is obsessed with the king's wife (this man perhaps was a friend of the king's when they were kids but then the king hurt him somehow) and so the man hatches a plot to kill the king, take his throne, and take his wife. The King realizes what this man is planning, and on the night of when the man plans to execute this plot he finds the king already dead in his room. The man panics and runs out to tell the king's wife and doesn't know what to do. (that's where this piece of lyrics comes in.) He tries convincing the wife to be his and then threatens her with violence but she smashes some heavy glass object on him and then lays him outside. She, believing the king is actually dead is heartbroken, but finds a note that could only be from him by her bed. This gives her hope but she doesn't know what is going on. That night (the people who threatened the man with the knife) saw him fleeing the king's quarters and saw that he was dead so they put in a report and this man who was GOING to kill the king is put on trial and eventually put in jail/or killed for the crime of killing the king. Shortly thereafter the king reappears to his wife and explains what he'd done, faked his own suicide to frame the man trying to kill him, putting this man behind bars (or dead) and now they are both free of this crazy man's obsession. However the whole kingdom believes the king is dead and has already gone to putting a new king into reign so I don't know what they would do after that but that's basically the loose idea I had for the story.

And for this specific song I do have an entire piece of music for it, that I have been working on and that I quite like, I just need to get around to recording it and see what you guys think!! (Epic it is, it clocks in at around 8 mins )
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