#1March 11th, 2012 · 04:14 PM
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This is a song in progress, meant to be for my son Joxemi. His mother took him away from me when he was just 1 year old. I haven't seen or heard from him in 2 years now. Somehow I can't catch the emotion I've been having over that time on paper right. My lack of poetic english is one reason for that. So, please feel free to add lines or ideas that might catch the right emotion on paper.

Not a day goes by that I wonder
 if you remember me
 if you know what it means to have a father
 and the role he plays in your life

 I wonder if you can remember
the short period of time we had 
when I could make you laugh
and playfully taught

 I wonder whether you would recognize me
 if I suddenly appeared
 if you really missed me
 or if I'm just a stranger

 The more time passes by, the more empty my heart feels
 void that should have been filled with love, good times and pride
 about the progress you make in life

We have the blood, you and me
But I don't really know you
As you don't really know me

Thank you for reading.
Bob "Wisdom"
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You could write a hundred more words and then a thousand more trying to express , trying to explain, trying to understand the pain ... but they will never be enough.
My mother left me when I was 2, my ex went off and left me with my son when he was 2 (we later worked out a 50/50 deal) and I have a little girl who I haven't seen since the first week she was born ... that was nearly 5 years ago.

Are you violent, abusive, a drunk, hooked on coke, a smack-head ?
If you tick any of the above then I would also keep my children away from such a person otherwise every person has a right to know who they are, and you are where you come from and what you create !

If you feel you can work it out , do all you can to do that.

I like it as a poem, I can imagine it being too much as a song ....
#3March 12th, 2012 · 02:46 AM
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The emotion will be heard in the music and your voice no matter how the words are written. Nothing can replace your emotion, but you can change the lyric.
I think you should do this for yourself and your son, hopefully when your son grows older, you will reunite and hit it off at which time you can share this song with him.
Keep the Love in your heart for one day to share, never feel angry of deprivation, it will ruin you.
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