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The Car is Going too Fast
the silence drones out the madness
as a swirl of light swallows the past
and rushes us into the future
and the car is going too fast

i'm alone in this haze of confusion
where colors deceive the poor
that leads to where we once met
and the pedal hits the floor

Would you hate me if I was gone
would you hold me when I'm last
would you miss me when I echo
that the car is going too fast

I don't want to see your beauty
Crippled as I explore
the many roads not taken
when my pedal hits the floor

Did you try to stop me
I can't remember when
I took away our happiness
I just hurt you in the end

The madness drones out the silence
as the car erupts in flames and crashed
The cathartic musings vanish
because the car was going too fast

and the car is going too fast
and the car is going too fast
I break you at last.
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