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Cymru (Wales)
Into the Blue
A story ... because I put these words to Suzanne Vegas music I forgot how her song actually went, so when it came to explaining the tune I had to know which Suzanne Vega song it was ... so I sung it to the missis and she goes "waiting in the morning  .. la la la la la ... or something?" which was more than I had so I Googled 'Suzanne Vega in the morning' and came up with Toms Diner.....ok! cool !
A little latter the missis sits down and says "wasn't it something like '....on a station'?", I turned to her and laughed that she had picked up on me singing my version around the house...and just like me my words had 'taken over' the tune in her head. Because there is no mention of a 'station' in Suzanne Vegas song ....

Until I read all the lyrics, the last line is "I finish up my coffee It's time to catch the train"

It's left me wondering whether I have inadvertently 'started off where she ended' ? It does seem so .....

She is waiting on a station
She is waiting on a train
She has no destination
But she will get there just the same

He is falling through the morning
He is trying to get home
Even when he gets there
He knows heís not alone

Into the blue
Deepest blue
Into the blue
Big blue you

He is standing on a corner
Waiting on a ride
Even when you take him there
Itís still something inside

They are walking down a highway
They are looking to belong
Even when itís all over
Theyíre still trying to get it on

Into the blue
A place they call you
Big blue you
Into the blue

She is holding on to something
In the middle of the night
It doesn't seem to let her go
But if she dose, it just might

I am talking to my self
It is all that I know
That as I turn to face her
She always turns to go

Into the blue
Deepest blue
Into the blue
Deep deep you
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