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I Still Believe In Love
You say it without a tear in your eye
That every thing we shared
Was nothing but lies?
Slowly I drifted from reality
In the back of my mind love was over for me
The love we had is fading silently
With no emotions left inside of me


I still believe in love
Knowing someday love will find its way
To this broken heart of mine
And when the day should come
I'll be ready
With a heart full of love

Memories from the past
Keep haunting me
When I'm alone in bed at night
Holding onto the dreams
That never seem to last
For more than a few minutes before I cry


Missing you more than you could know
Feeling lost without in my life
Love will one day find its way
Back to this empty heart of mine
'Cause I still believe in love
I will never give up on love
It will fnd its way back to this lonely heart of mine
I still believe inlove
I still believe in love
Yes, I do, still believe in love
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