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The Night Dancer
I wrote this when I couldn't sleep one rainy night. This thing, I give to you, members of bandamp, to create anything you want with these lyrics if any of you have the inspiration. I'd love love love to hear what you can take from this. Sincerely, Aetherius.

She stays up way past night

Pondering upon the red lights

Eyes taking in the violet haze

Freely flowing the blood in her veins

As windows creak and her bones dance

Dripping in the remainders of the rain

So fluid, her blanket,

Sheets of laughter in the dark of the night

Alone pondering upon the red lights

Caught in a daze of violet haze

Not a cloud in sight, yet she sings

Of hearts that break and blind romance

Her graceful bittersweet refrains

No ruins, no hatchet

To unbury and yet millions of wars to fight

Fingers and bones dancing livid in the night

Toes barely gracing earth’s face

Her heart shivering with no restraint

All love, all hatred
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                         ...Semoga tahun depan membawa anda yang terbaik dari segala sesuatu!
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