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Cymru (Wales)
There’s a holy man in me
Writing 'this is another old one' I find a bit strange because they'll all be old one day !
But this was written quite a while back...relative to when it's posted that is!

There’s a holy man in me
He knows nothing but the sea
He knows the world goes around and around
And that’s its destiny

Holy man knows nothing
He knows it like his soul
He knows nothing will never change
As around and around we role

Holy man knows every one
Just by looking in their eyes
He knows their moments and their years
And he knows how each one cries

There’s a holy man in me
He knows the words we use
He knows the turning of the tides
And he knows which way we choose

The holy man in me
Searches the holy one in you
That moment in between the lines
When only this is true
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