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Cymru (Wales)
She was such a young thing then
I'm not too sure if this is actually and 'physically' a song somewhere.....I've sung it so often it feels like it is....

She was such a young thing then
But then so was I
It felt as if it was meant to be
But then we were so high

She was such a pretty thing
She would always catch my eye
Every time that she walked in
Id get up and try

All those times, I could not explain
How she understood
I held her tight like a lover might
God it was so good

Like a river I would run
Driven to the sea
As we stood and stared at us standing there
How we wished it would always be

Days were made of summer then
And those moments lasted years
All she had to do was smile
And it was music to my ears

Those days seem such a long time ago now
And still Im not old and wise
But still I seem to sit around and dream
O my God how time flies.
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