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Non Fiction Blues
Standard 12 bar blues in key of C

Woke up this morning
Smelt your perfume in the air
I thought other girls smelled sweet but
They just don't compare
Baby I felt the heat
First time you looked into my eyes
Had to put my sunglasses on before I
Got hypnotized
This ain't no work of fiction
You know its all true
I'd let my self sink to the bottom of the ocean, if you
Came to my rescue

I wrote a song girl
With you in mind
So I hope you can stick around for a while because
I'm gonna make you mine
Even with my sunglasses on I feel it, I
Can't get no relief
Got me hypnotized right through the lens, so I must
Give into the heat
I know what you need girl, you know I'm sorry it took so long
Make me your man, and
Listen to the song


Have you ever needed someone
When your alone
Girl please be the one
I can call my own
Been searching so long and so hard now its
Easy to see
I don't need my sunglasses no more
Your I need
I know what you want girl
You know I want it too
I could sing you this song
Till my face turns blue
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nice im really feeling your need for this chick nice man go to her and sing it for her
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