#1September 21st, 2009 · 12:46 AM
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Chapters of Change
The feelin you get
you know your
world is about to change.
It's the things you think about
when your searching through
your soul in the mirror.
It's the way your heart twists
when you think of the ones
you love the most

Its the end of one chapter
flippin' over to another.
Everything around me stays the same
It's only later that I see the change.
It's when I'm lookin' back
from where I'm at
that I see---
Im so far from where I used--- to ---- be---

Every minute is a line, every page is a day
sometimes you seem
to be stuck in one place
thats when life is flyin' by
when you think your wasting time.--


It's when you say goodbye and
wonder if its for the last time.
It's knowing that every book has its end.
It's tellin' them you love em',
even when your mad.
It doesnt matter the size of the step,
as long as ones taken.
Take it day by day,
your life page by page.


** This song is and entirely different genre than my norm its freaky lol. Its actually a blue grass/ country (yes i said country) genre. Its a catagory that I have usually stayed away from and not really paid much attention to.
I wrote it yesterday on my B-Day, so the emotion was flowing and the topic of change was just overwhelming. Thanks for reading. Love to all!

-Sarah White
#2October 27th, 2009 · 08:14 PM
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Nice phrasing and word selection although Im not getting the blue grass feel.To me it carries more of a rhyme broken read than an actual song.. Hard to digest the lyrical context without melody but as far as I can tell you writing skills are excellent,just not sounding like a song to me yet.
#3October 29th, 2009 · 12:27 PM
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I like the chorus,
How are getting on with producing music, you only have to ask Sarah, I will help best I can.

Oh and happy belated Birthday
#4October 29th, 2009 · 01:15 PM
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thank ya!
I kinda like the chorus too, its one thing I have written that will pop into my head when I am having a bad day or whenever.... its been one of those things to sing in the shower too lol

The music part is going good. I bought a program to go onto my computer, only to find out that it wasnt compatable with vista, which is totally bizzare, so I took it back. Im just looking for a decent microphone right now.

Thank you so much, I feel like I have learned alot from you already! Your the best! If you have any ideas you know where to send them! I enjoy switching up the original idea a bit.

and thanks on the birthday lol
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