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I might have mentioned before that I'm mainly a lyricist. The way I work is to work off of pieces of poetry that I write (because I am first and foremost a poet). So here's one piece in which I was thinking of making it into some kind of ambient song with noise tracks and softly built up layers of instruments. The vocals might be a combination of poetry in some parts and singing in some parts. I like experimental But, feel free to tell me what you think.

This one is some kind of tale...


Siren calls distant piercing ears
only falls on swallowed mute fears
dust, tinting roses on placid eyes
breath, pulling harder at her life;

But she smiled, blind
her ears placed firmly
in her hands
her heart wide shut
against the tapping feet
of her unborn infant hope.

Siren calls again
bright light against skin
she can't run away
when the cold knife sways
against her trickling warm organ
till it's cut open
to reveal a life unsung.

Red life slowly stringing
weaving a melody of yearning
slowly her siren starts singing
of new ways to start breathing.

"I've awaken with eyes of brand new
I've starved so long without you..."
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Hei...long time no see....
Your seriously a poet.
I really enjoyed reading this (and the other), you bring in so many ideas that force the reader to ...think differently about what they thought they already thought differently about !!
Some wonderful weaving of words and concepts.

This one is so strong and vivid yet universally vague .... it it about a Cesarean birth or an execution ?

And what language do you think in ... or translate from ? ..... your choice of words and ways imply a very deep intricate poetic language.
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Hey there! Thanks for reading and replying!

Well about the language I think in... I think in English. But my thought process also strongly involves visuals, as I'm a visual artist too. So it's a combination of both. Like in my other piece, it's kind of like trying to paint a picture with words.

And the concepts are vague because.... well, they're vague. I mostly write about things that I have trouble expressing simply. Mostly my emotions, current situations and the vibe of the moment.

It's not literally about caesarean or execution. The metaphors may point in that direction, but that direction itself is a metaphor. heheh ^-^"      It's about some kind of realization.

Thanks for the comment again
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Amazing use of imagery...and your response to King's post suggests you know exactly what you're doing. I miss your presence in this place...hope you're doing well...and having the Happiest of Birthdays!
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