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Not Gonna Stop
Lay me down on the rocky ground
for I am used to it by now
May look disheveled, I may seem unsound
Still I'm not here to mess around

We both know it wasn't long ago
that I was resting comfortably
A short while and I'll be back again
Yea, just you wait and see

And I'm not gonna stop 'til I quit breathing
Not gonna stop, and abandon freedom
Not gonna stop until I fall into my grave headlong
And I'm not gonna stop, I'm gonna make it
Not gonna stop, won't let you take my drive
No, I'm not gonna stop

Like a broken puppet with my chin to my chest
Against the wall my head will rest
See all the men like clouds they float on by
As if gravity need not apply

It's been so long since my shoes were gone
So these blisters, now they grace my feet
And walking by nobody wonders why
Because they stare straight through their soul at me

And I'm not gonna stop wearing this skeleton smile
I'll keep this mask on my face for a while
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