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The Mystery In Me
Path meandering, different stages of a dream
Words unspoken, truth yet to be seen
Swallowed lies and broke-down fences
It's time to face the consequences
What could be the destiny, the recompense for
the one who gave it all away

What is real, I can't place
The hands that hide a covered face
but the taste still decorates my brain
with the beauty that remains in me

Peace increasing every time i look inside
I find the the voices screaming starting to subside
Crooked lines now are straightening
Darkness dies shadows fading
I don't want to flee the mystery, the light I'm facing
It is still in me, and you can't take that away

I know this is real, 'cause in this place
Hands that hid now clear the tears from my face
Divine embrace has chased away my pain
Replaced by love and grace and what remains
is the taste of the truth that sets me free
That divides the veil and shows the mystery in me
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First of three for me to read, just popped in , on a whim.....
No responses to all three and no further posts by you. Shame all round !!!!!
This is really cool bit of writing.
Really really like it. I dont read thinking of song lyrics I simply try and read what it is, you have some nice ideas woven into rhythmical words.
You are intelligently defining the depths of divinity !!    
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