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the destruction of humanity-third song, still in progress-pt. 1
"destruction of humanity"

(still in progress)

Explosions everywhere
a giant inferno engulfs the world
all hell has broken loose

hellfire and brimstone,complete insanity
its the end of the world,its the destruction of humanity

a nuclear disaster without help from the holy father
praying wont help, dont even bother
no more life,formed by all the strife
government corruption with greedy needs
consumed by greed,power, and hate
we have been given our inevitable fate
(thats all so far, still need to finish)
#2May 3rd, 2009 · 03:10 PM
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hardcore and beaten to death.thats all i could think of. nice!
#3May 8th, 2009 · 01:07 PM
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LOL! ha..sounds like the present to me. Kinda....well yeah....hardcore is the word I would use for it too. I would like to how this would come together into a full song though. Sounds like it would be interesting
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