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"the hooded stranger"-second song!!!!
(also in death metal,or melodeath or metalcore, anything heavy)


Verse 1

the fear is rising
the fear of decapitation
a reason to run like the little bitch you are
through the forest, through the woods
the hooded stranger looking for the goods
your face scratched and bruised
out of breath screaming for help
no one in miles can hear you
one small touch makes you yelp

chorus 1

he's dark,he's sinister,he's a sinner
if you don't run,he'll be the winner

verse 2

run! run you little fucker
run a little faster or he might catch ya
you think your safe,but you never are
hiding in the shadows,being watched by fear itself
thinking he doesn't see you,but oops, you belched,
alarmed by the ear-splitting screech, you try to run
before you know,you're dead with entrails ripped from your abdomen
blood splattered on the window.

chorus 2

he's coming after you,no where to escape,he's in your dreams

verse 3

he has no feelings
because of his killings
empty inside,just an empty soul
pure sin in the form of black
once he's after you, there is no turning back.
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sweet man. total metal hard core track. these are good! totally fits the heavy style. nice job!
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thnx itz actually only the second song ive written, im a drummer so its kind ov harder for me but thanx! 
#4May 12th, 2009 · 07:35 AM
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bro, it's like very graphic... lol
but yeah i gues it's ok for like, death or heavy metal.

i wouldn't use 'goods' in the fifth line... when i first read it, i pictured the song being sung, and with the mood that the song is gunning for i think that this little word sticks out like a sore thumb. it makes

it sort of corny, but other than that come to think of it the song would be awesome with screamo!! hey, hit me up if you ever record this piece!!!!!! id very much like to hear!!!!
#5May 13th, 2009 · 05:20 AM
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Reads like a script ... I suppose graphical is a good way of putting it.
It's corny all the way through, because it sound like some perverse 'death rape date' fantasy , but it's got humour so that's ok though I am very interested to know how this would sound sung in a song.
You going to give it a bash ?
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