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How dare you tell me that I am forgiven
When you cannot even forgive yourself
We all make mistakes in this lifetime
Time to discard all regrets Hold on to remedy
I don't need a reason For every changing season
So why should I have to explain myself to you
Get in or get out Give it all up without a doubt
I'm tired of trying to make since to a fool:

How dare you tell me that this is destiny
When you can't except the fate set before you
You're the one that has chosen the path you walk on
So don't drag me up the river without a paddle

I fought for you with every ounce of my soul
And I would have given you my last breath
How could you take my sacrifice
And break it down like all the others
Well I'm tired of petty game of charades
I'm moving on because...
You can't heal me but can't kill me
I don't need you in this life or the next
You've already made your mistakes
You've already chosen your path
I'm cutting off all connections
I'm burning bridges with your name
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