#1March 20th, 2009 · 01:15 PM
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I'll see you in hell
Hey, this is my first stab at writing like this. Think almost like folk punk. Against Me! Mischief Brew... Stuff like that.

"This is a message to my friends and family
I am sorry for what I came to be
A hollow shell of the person that I once was
As I lay here being engulfed by earth
I'm a decomposing memory of people I have hurt
A fading whisper from someone that was once loved

So seal me up and put me away
Tell me where to go and I swear I will stay
I'll do anything just to make things alright
I'll travel to the ends of the earth
To get far enough to end this pain and hurt
Or maybe I'll drive my car off this bridge tonight

It's difficult to think when blowing .10
And all you can focus on is how this all will end
Made even worse that I brought this onto myself
I guess I had it coming from the years of abuse
And all of the things that I used to do.
I wish I could wish you all farewell
Fuck it, I'll just see you in hell

My car is going as fast as my mind
erasing the memories of the life I'll leave behind
using alcohol as the tool to wipe my slate clean
I feel myself ease as I climb up that bridge
As I reach the top say I sorry and wait for it to end
It was the most beautiful disaster you have ever seen

I reach the climax and I jerk the car wheel right
and I hit the barricades meant to save my life
as I hope they don't work this time
I wake up with water up to my knees
and I realized this is not where I wanna be
this is not my time to die

I reach a panic and I can't open my door
it's hard to function you're drunk and can't see the floor
Just the water rising faster than time could tell
My clumsy hands can't roll the window down
Soon I'll be under water and then 6 feet under ground
In the cell that I brought onto myself
I guess I'll still see you in hell

This is a note to my friends and family
I'm sorry this had to end in tragedy
but it's hard to live with nobody by your side
Maybe when I die everything will be ok
And if there's a god in heaven I ask that you will pray
That he will show pity on a soul such as mine

I don't want you to feel bad for me
just remember me for who I used to be
before I went and ruined my own life
I know I swore I would never leave your side
But that's still true even though I'm not alive
Where I come from there's no such thing as good bye
I'll see you again in time"
#2June 1st, 2009 · 01:48 AM
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mate this is pretty intense, Im guessing you weren't in the happiest mood whilst writing it?
Is this written for music because I can full imagine this being sung with like a heavy rock almost hardcore beat with some decent vocals and maybe some screams. Maybe a bit long but this has potential for a good song.
#3June 1st, 2009 · 08:31 PM
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I agree.
Pretty intense.

Its still really good though.
The way that you put the words was ace! Especially if thats your first time writing.

You should put it to music and put it on bandamp.
I'd love to hear it 
#4June 2nd, 2009 · 06:50 PM
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i imediantly*sp thought of Gears of War!! lol
when you kill some body they scream...
I'll see you in hell!!!!!!! lol
i'm a nerd!
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