#1February 4th, 2006 · 09:27 AM
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This Painful Process
Another one recently written - I seem to be doing more lyrics writing than music writing at the moment.  Ah, well c'est la vie!

There’s always something
It may be big - or small
That unknown monster around the corner
Or “true love” just along the hall

It’s all a chance for our reflection
It’s all a lesson learned
A utopia for token buzz words
Often used, often heard

This painful process
From chrysalis to moth
The chameleon’s tongue could well get you
Or Karmic influences hold it off

Change, Develop, Mutate.
Carpé Diem, eh?
So - what part of the iron do you strike?

So what's to come?
Who can tell or see?
A console game of action, reaction
And what will be, will be!

Another chance for reflection
And yet more lessons learned
This paradise of crappy buzz words
Yes, we’ve heard, we’ve heard!

Comments please
Jim AC
#2February 4th, 2006 · 04:24 PM
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well, I must say these are a bit cinical aren't they?   wow...  
    nice flow though.....   nice use of cliche's not overdone, and at the same time a reference to buzz words... I like it....

#3February 6th, 2006 · 04:17 AM
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Cynical, do you think so

Ok, perhaps a little - this was written immediately after a listening to the woes of my daughter, and is (kinda) about her but with just a touch of ...... ok, cynicism
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