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I named this song hope you guys like it

You said I used you but
It was your game to begin with
You twisted the words I said
to make me look like a fool
No more running No more hiding
My thoughts are undenying
Can't escape this Can't replace this
My mind has settled in

I'm going to break you!
I'm going to end your reign of terror
You think you've won but this war is far from over
If it's the last thing I do
I'm going to break you!

You wanna be me but you can't see
that I'm nothing close to you
You drown yourself in a sea of tears
Cause you see that you're alone
Show your strength Show your independence
I'm not asking you to resolve this
I'm asking you to get out of my life!
There's no shortcuts in life
So why are you trying to run mine through?
Why are you trying to break me?!  Well...

How can you act like nothings wrong
When you've done nothing right?
How can you tell me I have lied
When there is no truth in sight?
You say there's a cloud over your head
But there's a storm within me
I can feel the rage building
It's only a matter of time before you realize

Your game is over but I didn't win this time
I'll take this to my grave but
It's an open casket
How can you say you'd die for love
When you only live to hate?
You wear this mask to hide your face
But I can see right through you
In the end you're no better than me
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