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Fall Into Me
i was waiting in the dark
the knife in my hand
i put it down when you said
you loved me

you lead me on
and wrote me a song
we pretended it was all okay

I picked it back up
when you lost my trust
and now ive thrown it all away

You Said

"Fall into me
baby i got you
Fall into me
im never gonna hurt you
i just want you to see
ill catch you if
you'll fall into me"

Stand up beside you
the blade in my hand
kiss your neck so softly
you react like any man
tremble as i kiss you
and as i pull you near
the blade traces your skin
as i whisper in your ear

I said

"Fall into me
Feel how it peirces right through
Fall into me
look what you've made me do
I never ment to hurt you
just tried to make you see
how it feels
to fall into me"

*musical interlude*

Does this sound fimilar
Baby you can fall into me
Baby i got you
Fall into me
Im never going to hurt you

You used to write me love songs
They ended up in a tragedy
when you Fall into me.

*Let me know what you think!!**
#2November 10th, 2008 · 03:11 AM
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uuuuh how dark

hope that it's not any personal experiences!?
#3November 10th, 2008 · 12:10 PM
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tough. scary. creepy. could work in some gothic/metal type song.

with a video clip that's sort of a short movie. yeh, it's definately a short story like that.

So, well done
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thats great if your a emo band
#5November 11th, 2008 · 07:58 AM
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Hmmm,  like the lyrics - well certainly the feeling and picture they paint.  Not sure I'd like to piss you off though! lol
#6November 14th, 2008 · 12:16 PM
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My roomate went on and on about "the banks of the Ohio" which is a similar theme, so this just screamed the 'ole my baby didn't love me so I shot her in the face blues... great lyrics, I really hope that was what you were going for. I've got chords if you want 'em.
#7November 15th, 2008 · 02:26 AM
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Anti-love Song
No need for emo...sometimes things are best understated...or even glossed over with beautiful and serene music and vocals.

Perhaps, something along the lines of a slow ballad with orchestra music...no guitar or drums....mostly piano and string and a little brass.

Of course change the tempo of the chorus so that it seems like an uplifting moment that is of course counter-measured by the lyrics being sung. This is where the piano would drop to a lower scale and the strings would come to the fore...especially the violin. Have a total pause in music during the 'You said' and 'I said' parts to transition to the chorus as well as to highlight those points.

The verses would be very mellow, and I would suggest ending on a mellow and very understated tone. I'm thinking even just have it fade with the only guitar that would be in the song....A simple guitar solo that would represent the songs which he wrote....have a very soft male vocal in the background humming with the music.
On that thought, perhaps having the same soft humming..(but no guitar).. from the male backup in key places would be a good addition.

I think you can get a good cadence/rythym for which to sing the song so that it would be recognizable and easy to remember. The music would be important but the way it is sung is crucial to making something like this work.

Well anyways, that is what popped into my head....too bad I can't get it done for ya lol. I am useless with FL studio etc. Nice song...keep them coming!
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