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I Never Knew...
I've been with a lot of girls in the past
But they never lasted very long
It started with "hello"
Then it was good-bye, in the morning sunrise
As she walked out the door

{Chorus}I never knew what love meant
              I never knew what love was
              It took me by surprise
              Feelings that I have inside
              Are unfamiliar to me
              This is what love must be

I'm glad I found you
I'm glad you walked back into my life
You took the boy and made a man out of me
You're the reason I now believe in love
You must have been sent from above


{Bridge}I've been with a lot of girls in the past
            They don't compare to you
             Didn't know what I was looking for
             But the search is over at last

#2October 19th, 2008 · 05:16 PM
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This is a really sweet song, is the tempo supposed to be slow?  its a good love song...lucky girl whoever she is!  

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