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A Cry in the Night
Shhh! Can you hear that?
You listen intensely...
"Is anyone out there?" you whispher into the night air.
You hear a cry...
But is it a cry for help?
Or a cry of sorrow?
You ask yourself.

The night sky camouflages the hidden whimper of a cry.
You look around...
All around you is darkness.
The cry is getting louder...
It's getting closer...
You can almost taste it.
You want to run, but there's no where to hide.
Your heart beating faster and faster.
Paralyze by the fear you hold inside.

Then, the night sky is overcome by complete silence.
You think about the cry.?
Was it a cry of sorrow?
Or a cry for help you think to yourself.
Suddenly, you awaken...
From the darkness of the mind.
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