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Lennon Was Wrong
All you need is love, if love is all you need,
And you are fed and clothed, and bred by those who'll mend you when you bleed.
And you and I will bleed like we are running free of fears,
Through open fields of wild roses, barefoot and bloody, broken, muddy, lover, cheers:
We've bloody feet and sweat and tears.
Lennon was far better with his song than I will be with mine,
For the love he sang was free, like floating drunk on seas of wine.
And the love I have too often begs, and throws up until it gets its legs.
In heaving torment float we on, the day is gone, so row on, on, like two sea-sickened gondoliers,
Holding each other close, so cheers.
Give me my wine and keep my tears.
My Meredith, I love you more than I love this:
My music, bliss, and all my fears
That our love won't outlast our tears.
(I love you more, I love you more, I love you more, my Meredith, I...)
...can't seem to clear the thorns that tie
Us to the roses where we lie.
Lennon had three friends, a song, a wife yet undefined.
And every love we have is hard to keep and harder to be kind.
So pick we one and there we fight, o no, the music dies, the beat beguiled.
But I will keep my wife and child.
So pick we one, keep moving on, o no, don't turn your back, begone
Is all your music, friends, and fears.
But brother, cheers.  You still have blood and sweat and tears.
All you need is love.  All you need is love.
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