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I don't believe in miracles
They never happen anyways
Far fetched fairy tales of forgiveness
and sanctuary
You can't expect a carpenter
to turn water into wine
How can you expect me not to
Break when I am Pushed?
I'm tired of trying I'm tired of crying
I'm tired of lying to myself (Just to save this!)x2
I'm tired of caring I'm tired of swearing
I'm tired of bearing the gift of burden all alone
I'll walk away this last time!:

I don't believe in love
My heartstrings have come undone
The end of the story lies
within your own self
You couldn't trust me enough to
let me stay by your side
How can you expect me just to
Stay and watch it fall apart?
I'm doing this for me not for you x3
I'm doing this because of you!
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this song kicks ass!
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