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This Is
With a sense of security
Preachers preach the impurity
of their contradicting lines
of the religious paradigms
taking it for what it is wouldn't fill the seats
so they brag, boast, and sugarcoat everything they read
it's a modern holocaust of originality
we'll say your serving the Lord
but you're really serving me
They say their in the intereest of the people with their golden steeples
and chapels with baptists castin out evil creatures
in their unforgotten scriptures found in the pages of ages ago
tellin the people to follow their way and forever their soul is saved
making sure you fall down so your sould can be found
and you never will see it again
we have to take them down
it's a battle we must win!

This is what they say(x2)
This is what they do(x2)
This is what they say(x2)
And if they want your soul, their gonna take it too
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